5th Year5th Year Board of Management

Peter Kearns FCA - Director

B.Comm (UCD). Master of Accountancy (Smurfit Business School – UCD). Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Having worked at The Institute of Education for the past 10 years, Peter Kearns has now taken over the management of the business from his father and founder of the Institute, Raymond Kearns.

Peter brings to his role a wealth of academic qualifications and business experience. On completion of his second level studies at Gonzaga College, Peter studied for his B.Com. at UCD. Having achieved a Masters at Smurfit Business School, he joined KPMG and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1998.  Peter also worked with Merrill Lynch in London before returning to Ireland to work in the family business at Portobello College and The Institute of Education.


Jim Darcy - Principal of Fifth Year

Having qualified as a Guidance Counsellor, Jim taught in a number of schools at home and abroad. He came to the Sixth Year Day School at the Institute of Education 23 years ago and he has been Principal of the 5th Year Day School since 1997.

Since his arrival, he has seen the school go from strength to strength. He believes that outstanding teachers, good notes, personal motivation, hard work and clear goals are the hallmarks of success for any student. Every student is gifted, but each must use his or her gifts to achieve their potential.


Una V. Finn - Deputy Principal

Una studied for her B.Sc. in New York City University. From there, she graduated cum laude with a Masters Degree in Education (M.Sc.) from Columbia University, one of the most prestigious Ivy League universities in the U.S.

Over many years, she has gained an enormous breadth of experience in both administration and management of second and third level institutions. Una has taken courses in counselling and pastoral care in the United States and Ireland.  These courses, together with her extensive experience, have equipped her to help students through the many problems  and issues they face today.

As Deputy Principal to Mr. Darcy, Una assists in the day-to-day running of the 5th Year Day School. Her primary focus continues to be on the pastoral needs and concerns of her students and she remains a key confidante to them as they strive to balance academic achievement and personal development.

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